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Did you know the Wii U is designed for just one controller?

by: John -
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It's true. Shigeru Miyamoto did an interview talking about the upcoming Wii U and said that the basic premise is to have one controller for the system. If you want another, well, try a 3DS.

The whole conference did show only one controller working with the system, so get ready for some fights with your siblings on who gets to use the controller and who gets to use something else.

Now, they are doing research on seeing if multiple ones can be used with the system so things can change from now until release date next year.

A few friends of mine were discussing about how much that controller would cost if we want another one to use with the system. If you can only use one, well that ends that discussion.

First we get 360/PS3 video to show off the system. Now we might only be able to use one controller only. What's next?
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