Apparently developing a million-selling game = kthxbi

by: Nathaniel -
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According to Gamasutra, THQ has seen fit to close Kaos Studios, makers of the recent "not-quite-the-COD-killing-game-it-was-supposed-to-be" game, Homefront.  Sure, THQ's stock took a momentary nosedive when it starting getting average rather than good reviews, but the game has sold an estimated million copies in ten days.  My impression was that the game was a success, but I guess that wasn't enough to stop Kaos from being subsumed in a wave of "corporate reorganization" that swept THQ recently.

Further Homefront duties have been passed off to THQ Montreal.  

THQ's Digital Warrington, makers of the recent downloadable Red Faction spin-off, Red Faction: Battlegrounds, is also in the process of being closed as part of the same wave that caught Kaos Studios.