E3 2011: PDP

by: John -
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PDP had a small little meeting room upstairs from the show floor showing off their items. They make third party peripherals and licensed items as well. I was led through their area showing off some of their current and upcoming products.

For gamers who needs some light in their life, PDP has a line of Afterglow controllers They finally have a wireless Afterglow controller for the PlayStation 3 so you don’t need to be tethered by a line now on the PS3. Also, a few headsets were shown where they lit up as well. Speaking of glowing controllers, PDP also showed off their line of Tron controllers that looked really cool.

PDP has a bunch of licensed products and they are releasing some in time for Cars 2. A plethora of Cars 2 Wii and DS products are coming so if your child is a fan of Cars and you want to give him or her some new Cars specific items to compliment their gaming console of choice, you can check out the pictures of Cars 2 peripherals in the screens below. One of the more interesting items is the iPad cover that makes it so it’s a lot easier to hold for kids as well as protect it. The Cars 2 cover features a protective cover that helps keep the screen from breaking or scratching.

PDP also has a line of Nerf products and one of the highlights in their booth was he cover for the Sony Vita. I was told that the Nerf line is one of their best selling lines, which doesn’t surprise me as both children and adults alike love Nerf.

PDP’s Transformer line has some really awesome looking controllers and DS pens. The controllers have some really cool raised designs on it that’s soft to hold, but I think they’ve captured the essence of Transformers well in their products. The DS pens do look a little bulky, but cool nevertheless.

Finally, PDP is coming out with brand new Mortal Kombat style arcade sticks. They felt really good when I tried them out with some great response from both the buttons and the stick. The look hearkens back to the day of the original game boasting a design that’s reminiscent of the original arcade cabinet and they will be bundled with re-releases of the first three games.