E3 2011: Ridge Racer Unbounded info and screenshots

by: Jeremy -
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I really wish that Namco would quick teasing me with Ridge Racer Unbounded and just come clean and show the world the game. The new titled was shown off a little bit at E3 but I still cannot get a “grip” on just what it has to offer. I have high hopes for the game and am dying to see if it will deliver...

Ridge Racer Unbounded is currently on track for a 2012 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Players will be able to (or are supposed to be able to) crash through everything in the environment and carve their own path(s) in the various urban settings. The game world exists in the fictional world of Shatter Bay, which has been designed to deliver the best game-play-ground (my own word) that the game can offer.

Check out a couple of new screens for the game and the current boxart below: