Homefront news from a few days ago becomes slightly more official

by: Nathaniel -
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Two days ago I found all this out thanks to Twitter, but today it becomes a 100% stone-cold fact with the release of an official statement from THQ.

To reiterate:  Homefront's multiplayer demo has been released on Xbox Live for gold members only (up to 32 players on dedicated servers - that's pretty sweet).  Also out is the Fire Sale DLC pack that includes the Spillway and Big Box maps.  It will run you 240 msp. Finally, the 870 Express Shotgun can be downloaded for 80msp, while a Homefront Premium Theme can be snagged free of charge.
THQ is proud to announce the Xbox 360 Homefront® Multiplayer Demo is now open for download on the Xbox 360 Marketplace to all Gold Members!

Fly helicopters, drive tanks and call in airstrikes as you experience large scale warfare, intense infantry and epic multi-vehicular combat in the Homefront® Multiplayer Demo for a limited time. Battle with up to 32-players in Occupied USA on dedicated servers and get a taste of large-scale warfare in a brand new way. Home is where the war is, download it today!

But wait, that’s not all… Homefront DLC has arrived!

The “Fire Sale” Map Pack is available on the Xbox 360 Marketplace; featuring two all-new multiplayer maps for a suggested price of 240 Microsoft Points (MSP). “Spillway” and “Big Box” will carry you deeper into a twisted and war torn America, download and enjoy them today.

Also, now available from the Xbox 360 Marketplace are the 870 Express Shotgun (80 MSP) and a free Homefront Premium Theme! The entire team at THQ would like to thank you for playing Homefront and being a member of our community.


The Homefront Team