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E3 2011: Eiji Aonuma talks Zelda Wii U tech demo

by: Sean Colleli -
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The highlight of Nintendo's presser for many gamers was the Zelda Wii U tech demo. IGN interviewed Eiji Aonuma, second in command of all things Zelda, and while he cautions this isn't part of an official game per se, it could be a direction they take for a future Wii U Zelda. Essentially it looks like an HD refit of the Twilight Princess art style, which I would be quite enthusiastic about.

The presentation was jaw-dropping but I'm remaining cautious myself. I still have memories of that GameCube tech demo they showed off over a decade ago, of Link clashing with Ganondorf. That was pretty amazing too, but then Nintendo gave us...Windwaker. Aonuma does mention Windwaker as the best direction they had for the GameCube hardware, and contrasts a true HD experience like the one in the Wii U tech demo is far more likely. That said, I'm always a little irritated with IGN for jumping on things like this--we don't even have Skyward Sword out yet, so I think some fans are getting a little ahead of themselves.
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