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E3 2011: Behold, the Awesomenauts!

by: Jeremy -
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You have heard the name for the past few weeks and now you can actually get your first look at Ronimo Game’s Awesomenauts! This upcoming XBLA / PSN title looks absolutely insane... and the theme song may be one of the best in years. Awesomenauts comes to us courtesy of Swords & Soldiers’ developer Geronimo Games who made a splash in 2010 with their hit title for the Steam, WiiWare, and PSN platforms.

Awesomenauts is a throwback to the action cartoons of the 1980‘s, with insane and colorful characters, nonstop action, and an odd sense of humor... the game looks to keep you entertained by laughing as much as you enjoy playing. You can check out the first images of the game and its debut trailer below: