E3 2011: Street Fighter X Tekken trailers

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken as well as a couple of gameplay videos. You can view all of them below.

The cinematic trailer isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before and appears to be a rehash of the original CG trailer released last year. The gameplay videos on the other hand show off just how much the game has progressed over the past year or so. The first one confirms everyone’s suspicion(s) from the recent character teasers and shows off Cammy in action within the game. It appears as though everyone’s favorite special agent has picked up a bit of speed since we saw her last as she is incredibly quick in this game, or maybe that is just me. Sagat is also confirmed in the first video.

This is easily the best look at the game that we have had yet as a public (not counting those in attendance at Captivate) and has helped to move the game up towards the top of my “most wanted” list.