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E3 2011: Saints Row The Third (Impressions)

by: John -
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Game: Saints Row The Third
Developer: THQ
Release Window/Date: November 15, 2011
What's polished: City detail looks great, over the top action
What needs polish: Transition between video and game, some of the humor seem forced

The Saints are back and this time, they look pretty damn awesome. Saints Row The Third takes the franchise to whole new levels of over the top action.

The demo at E3 took place in the city of Steelport. What I noticed right away was how much more detailed the city is compared to the last game. Structurally and texturally, the developers have really stepped up in modeling a very nice looking city with plenty of small details put in to help bring the environment alive. Like other open world games , you get some minor environmental destruction with things such as lamp posts and lights. Overall, a much better looking city to destroy things in.

Saints Row The Third strives in giving you plenty of options in an open world environment. The demo had the main character walking around town picking fights. Some new moves shown were a flying DDT on some innocent bystanders and using guns to knock them in the crotch.

Weapons are highly varied with the use of an adult toy the size of a bat being used to bash pedestrians around. You can use guns, but one of the more visually impressive weapons shown was a marker that called in an air strike. A grouping of missiles came flying down on an unsuspecting gang of Luchadores sending all of them flying.

Driving has been updated with improved physics. The main character did a flying leap through the driver side window and took off in a white car. If driving's not your thing, the demo showed a VTOL or vertical take off and landing jet that went from hovering to flying with a push of a button. It was pretty cool to rain missiles and lasers down on the crowd while hovering in the air. Another over the top vehicle let you pack people into the cannon and shoot them through the air. You could even jump in and get shot out as well if you so desired.

The activities returns with more ways to cause destruction and mayhem while earning money and prestige. A tank was shown giving you heavy fire power to tear apart the city. You can't bring down buildings but you can still create some havoc driving it around and shooting vehicles and people.

One mission shown had you robbing a Syndicate bank with three other Saints. You are treated to some cut scenes between various checkpoints showing some of the outrageous Saints Row humor that the game is known for. The demo culminated into a shoot out with the main character riding on top of a bank vault being transported by a helicopter.

Saints Row The Third looks really fun and if you had fun with the previous one, it looks like you'll definitely like the third one as well. The graphics have been improved immensely and the action is big as usual. Look for Saints Row The Third on November 15, 2011.