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E3 2011: Mario Kart 3DS--yes, please

by: Sean Colleli -
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I have some pretty fond memories of Mario Kart Wii--me, my buddies and girlfriend spent many a Friday night in the multiplayer blue-shelling each other but that said Mario Kart DS is far and away my favorite. It's the most balanced of all the Mario Kart games and the portable nature meant my fix was always with me; there was a period during sophomore year of college where I had an almost crack-like addiction to that game.

As you can imagine I'm delighted that Mario Kart 3DS looks a lot more like its portable predecessor than the wheel-waggle Wii version. The graphics have seen a huge boost but it still looks tighter and cleaner than the Wii's exaggerated visuals. I'd like if they ported the motorbikes over from the Wii version, but for now I'm just happy to see the hang gliders and submarines. Mario Kart Wii felt like it was rapidly running out of ideas so I'm glad Nintendo still has some new directions for this franchise. I'd still like them to do a Smash Bros take on the series and make Super Nintendo Kart, but that rant will wait for another day.