E3 2011: Closer look at PlayStation 3D Television

by: Jeremy -
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Following the announcement of a new line of budget 3D televisions, Sony has released some up close and personal images of the product that will be heading to stores this Fall. The 24“ 3D display, as announced yesterday, will retail for $499.99 and bring 3D gaming home at a more affordable price than much of the current market.

The new television will feature full 1080P 3D imaging as well as the ability to display two distinct 3D images simultaneously. This will allow two gamers to see different images on the same screen by simply altering their viewing angle(s), eliminating the need for split screen gaming on the set. In addition, the TV is bundled with a pair of Sony’s new 3D glasses which are intended to offer a less expensive solution to the current line of 3D televisions. Most 3D glasses cost well over $100 but sony’s new offering will retail for $69.99 a pair.