E3 2011: Nintendo unveils the Nintendo Wii-U

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo’s new console has been given an official name: the Nintendo Wii U. The system’s new controller was shown as well, which resembled a small tablet or iPad with dual analog sticks and the standard video game controller-button layout. The device appears to have a slew of features that look pretty amazing. Information is flying fast so let’s hit some bulletpoints:
  • features 6.2 inch touch screen
  • gameplay from system can be transferred from television to the controller’s screen
  • completely backwards compatability with all Wii peripherals
  • allows transfer of video from device to television, possibly even internet support
  • full rumble feature
  • built in microphone
  • gyroscope
  • built in speakers
  • built in camera
  • not a portable gaming system
  • wireless connection to new Nintendo console
  • allows dual screen support for games
  • web browsing
More information coming soon...