E3 2011: Street Fighter III- Third Strike Online trailer

by: Jeremy -
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After being announced last year, the world can finally rest its eyes on the first look at Capcom’s Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online. The title has been teased to fighting fans nonstop over the past few months and it looks as if this summer we will finally get our hands on it. The game looks as smooth and solid as ever; I always was impressed with the animation and visuals of the game form the first time that I laid eyes on it in the arcade.

In an interesting note, the end of the trailer shown below (courtesy of IGN) only references the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live Arcade. Has something changed since last year’s show which has turned this into a 360 exclusive? The fine print in the trailer also references Kinect... could something more be in store for the remake of the game to incorporate motion controls of some sort? Hopefully this answer as well as more information will be revealed this week as E3 goes on...