Facebook Contest Day 2: E3 is here, what are you most excited about?

by: Ben Berry -
More On: E3 2011
Having launched our Facebook page yesterday (facebook.com/gamingnexus) we had some great responses to day one of our  contest. Travis Huinker was our first commenter and will be receiving a prize pack, and Ryan Headley was the randomly selected "fan of the day", so he'll be receiving a prize pack as well. 

Today, we'll be looking for a specific type of comment; E3 officially starts today, and between what will be on the show floor (almost anything you can think of), and all of the games that were previewed yesterday, and what's yet to come (Nintendo); what are you most excited about? Simply head on over to our facebook page, like us, and then leave a comment about what you're most excited about. We'll be giving away a prize pack randomly to a fan during the day, and then one at the end of the day as well.