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E3 2011: Kinect Fun Labs announced

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft has announced a new means of testing out the evolving technology involved with the Kinect peripheral through Kinect Fun Labs on the Microsoft dashboard. The new portal for technology will give Kinect owners a chance to try out some of the things various developers are working on using the Kinect SDK. Think of it as a testing grounds for all the big things coming down the line for Kinect.

Demonstrations shown with the new software include an automated avatar generated that creates an avatar based on the image of the user captured by the camera. Another demonstration shown highlighted finger tracking by the device, which was demonstrated using a drawing program that allowed users to take images of their selves and then alter them by drawing in a 3D plane. Object tracking was also demonstrated though the options of such a feature are likely far from what we would like them to be.

Kinect Fun Labs is launching later today for all Xbox Live users.
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