E3 2011: Microsoft reveals Kinect Disneyland Adventures

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft has unveiled a new Kinect title in conjunction with Disney entitled Kinect Disneyland Adventures. The game allows players to experience a virtual version of the Disneyland theme park in its entirety. You can even experience the various rides and attractions of the park within the game. Keep an eye out for the various Disney mascots when you are roaming the park as you can get your picture taken with them and share them with your friends.

A demo was shown during the press conference highlighting Peter Pan’s Flight in the game and a trip into Alice in Wonderland. Kids will definitely eat this up... the rides play as pseudo-minigames within the title and span a variety of gameplay experiences. The game is being launched this Holiday season exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Look for the trailer later today here on Gaming Nexus.