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E3 2011: Ubisoft unveils Kinect support for all future Tom Clancy titles

by: Jeremy -
More On: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier E3 2011
Ubisoft pledged full support of the Kinect peripheral in all future Tom Clancy titles on the Xbox 360, starting with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. A demonstration of some of the uses in the new Ghost Recon title were demonstrated on stage at the press conference this morning.

The section that was shown on stage focuses on the gaem’s weapon customization options. Players will be able to construct more than 20 million custom weapon combinations, including the alteration of the inner parts of the gun(s). Using the Kinect camera, players can manipulate their weapons through both gestures and voice commands. The response time for both seemed to be pretty short, much shorter than most Kinect games that I have experienced.

The game will likely feature the same commands during gameplay as a shooting gallery / weapon test mode was shown as well. Shots were fired by simply opening and closing your fist and reloads occurs by making a motion as if you were grabbing a magazine from your pack. This looks better than I thought it would.....