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E3 2011: Kinect support confirmed for Mass Effect 3

by: Jeremy -
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The cat is finally out of the bag: BioWare is including full Kinect support for the upcoming Mass Effect 3. During a brief gameplay demonstration shown at the Microsoft press conference this morning, we were shown examples of voice commands included in the game including the selection of choices from the game’s dialog wheel and squad commands during the course of battle.

The voice integration that was demonstrated looks like voice commands done right. This didn’t appear to be shoe horned in and works well in the context that it was shown. The player on stage simply needed to speak the phrase listed on the dialog wheel that they wanted to use and the on screen Shepard took the rest of the dialog from there. The battle commands were limited to simple movement commands to the other members of your squad, or at least that is what was shown. If they stick with the minimal yet effective use that has been shown thus far, this could set the standard on how to incorporate Kinect into mainstream games...

That being said, I still question why something like this couldn’t be incorporated on the PlayStation 3 using the PS Eye... it has a microphone as well...
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