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Now Loading for the week of June 5, 2011: E3 Edition

by: Jeremy -
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Welcome to E3 week! This is my favorite week of the year, despite the increased work load that it brings me it truly is like a gamer’s Christmas. This year’s E3 week also brings us a slew of good releases as well. Numerous high-profile titles are hitting stores this week, both online and off. Also, do not be surprised to see a few special announcements happen this week and possibly pop up online as well... Microsoft is usually good about that during E3.

  • Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party for Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSi points)
  • Dreamwalker for Nintendo DSi Ware (500 DSi points)
  • GO Series Picdun for Nintendo DSiWare (500 DSi points)
  • Ubongo for Nintendo WiiWare (800 Wii points)
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