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Adam Sessler is no master debater

by: Chuck -
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On Thursday night G4 invited douchebag lawyer and media whore Jack Thompson to appear on the show to talk about gaming violence and the game Bully.  They also brought in GameDaily CEO Mark Friedler, and Adam Sessler the host of X-Play, the only gaming show left on G4.  Kyle Oreland over at Joystiq has posted a faux summary as well as a video clip of the segment.

I was actually hoping that there would be some decent discourse on the topic from Sessler and Friendler as we pretty much knew what Thompson would spew (it's the same bits over and over again).  Unfortunately all Mark Friedler could do we as plug his daily newsletter over and over again and Sessler appeared to be unprepared for the segment and went off on several tangents.  I don't know if Adam had a lot of time to prepare for the segment or not (it seemed to come together very quickly) but he really came off poorly in the segment.  He went for a lot of the emotional arguments and while he played the first amendment card he  but did not mention that violence in teens is down and only late in the game did he mention the parental responsibility card.  At the end it was just a lot of people yelling back and forth at each other with Kevin Pereira standing around with the deer in the headlights look.

The real problem is that once again they give douchebag lawyer and media whore Jack Thompson more airtime without providing a decent foil to his arguments.  I really expected Sessler to come though and lay down some gaming smack but it looked like he got a little too worked up emotionally and didn't have his arguments layed out correctly.   Like it or not the game industry does not yet have someone who can go toe to toe with Jack on a regular basis and until then we are going to see pointless diatribes like we did on Thursday night.
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