E3 2011: XCOM gets a new trailer, shows some promise

by: Chuck -
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Here's the shiny new E3 trailer for XCOM which comes just a few days after getting a new release date of March 2012.  The trailer isn't bad as it shows a bit more of the aliens and it looks like 2K Marin has really amped up the paranoia vibe of the game a bit. 

I've finally made my piece with the conversion to a first person shooter (it's an easier sell to a shooter fixated market) but I'm still trying to wrap my head around setting the game in 1950's era America.  Sure I get the obvious links to McCarthyism and the violation of the innocent time of America but a modern environment could evoke terrorism tones.  Will find out more next week at E3 as we're booked to see the game.