Capcom, you did the right thing here

by: John -
More On: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
A little bit ago, Capcom detailed the horrible DRM it was thinking of implementing for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Judging from what they had in place, you just had a feeling that it had fail all over it.

Well, Capcom has heard the uproar and they are relaxing the always on DRM scheme and will only need an Internet connection when you do the Replay Channel or online fighting. That's good and I'm glad Capcom has decided to go this way.

The previous model they had only punished those that bought the game. Pirates will find a way around it so they would have had no issues. Capcom was smart enough to listen to the people and do what was best for their paying customers. Let's hope this translates into more sales so we can see Capcom release more of these titles on the PC this way.