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News for Fallen Enchantress, straight from the horses' mouth

by: Nathaniel -
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Derek Paxton, lead producer and designer of the standalone Elemental: War of Magic expansion, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress has updated his blog today.  In it, fans are given a look at the lore behind the new environments, and the boss monsters you'll fight in these lands.  Also: screenshots.

Give it a looksy here.

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Elemental: Fallen Enchantress is due out later this year.

Hey guys, just a quick head’s up that Fallen Enchantress Lead Producer and Lead Designer Derek Paxton has posted a blog entry follow up to the dev diary video released last week, examining the new environments in the upcoming strategy game Fallen Enchantress. The entry gives fans a peek at the lore behind some of the new environments and boss-monsters you will encounter in these lands.

Fallen Enchantress will be released as a stand-alone game but will be free to all players who purchased Elemental: War of Magic in 2010 and will be heavily discounted for anyone who purchases Elemental: War of Magic prior to Fallen Enchantress’s anticipated Summer 2011 release. The new title includes an all-new battle system, more sophisticated spell casting, an updated economic system, new game mechanics, more creatures, quests and much more. Elemental is a strategy game at its core with heavy RPG-inspired elements in which players build a kingdom from the ground up in a shattered fantasy world. Players build cities, raise armies, research technologies, learn magical spells, go on quests, recruit heroes, negotiate treaties, learn spells, build a family dynasty and more all in the name of conquering the world.