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First Amendment for the Win!

by: Randy -
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Thanks to Illinois' unconstitutional effort to ban the sale of violent video games, the state owes the game industry half a million dollars to cover lawyer fees attached to the frivolous suit. United States District Judge, Northern District of Illinois, Matthew F. Kennelly, forcefully ruled in favor of the ESA (Entertainment Software Association). The $510,528.64 amount due doesn't even cover the State's legal fees, so more taxpayer dollars are going down the chute from this case.

In other news, Rockstar's Bully is pressing on with its October release (despite being dropped by all but the PS2). Bully is a teen angst drama about a 15-year-old in reform school, getting browbeaten by the faculty, navigating the cliques, and going for the girl. The Peaceaholiks, a Christian-based D.C. youth group, are already protesting its release. There just aren't enough game companies out there with Rockstar's sense of style and humor, though.