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Plants vs. Zombies launched for Android yesterday

by: Dan -
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Yet another casual game that has had success came to a new platform yesterday. Pop Cap Games has brought Plants vs. Zombies to Android operating system via the Amazon Appstore for Android. If you were one of the lucky people that found out about it yesterday, you could have picked it up for free.  Unfortunately, today the title went back to its standard $2.99 price. So if you loved the game on iOS, DS, XBLA, PC, MAC, Web or PSN then this is your chance to grab it for Android.
Plants vs. Zombies™ for Android Launches on in Exclusive Offer

Two-Week Promotion on Amazon Appstore for Android Brings PopCap's 'Flower Defense' Game Phenomenon to a Rapidly Growing Audience of Smartphone Users

SEATTLE, May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- PopCap Games, the worldwide leader in casual games, today announced the launch of Plants vs. Zombies™ for Android, available immediately in an exclusive two-week offer on the Amazon Appstore for Android. The game is available for FREE today only, (beginning at midnight) and can be purchased and downloaded thereafter for a list price of US$2.99.

"Plants vs. Zombies for Android is one of our most widely anticipated mobile titles in recent memory," noted Giordano Bruno Contestabile, PopCap's senior director of global product and business strategy for mobile. "As a 'thank-you' to scores of Android fans who have been patiently waiting, we're offering the game FREE of charge for the first 24 hours, and exclusively on the Amazon Appstore for Android through June 14."

Popular among gamers of all ages, Plants vs. Zombies features 50 addictive and infinitely re-playable levels and mini-games, challenging you to defend your house from encroaching zombies before they make their way to your front door. Choose from an ever-increasing assortment of specialized, zombie-battling plants that will help you to slow down, confuse, weaken, and ultimately destroy the vegetation-munching undead moving across your lawn. Quick and strategic placement of plants and other resources, like pea shooters, sunflowers, cherry bombs, and walnuts, are critical to crushing a legion of unique zombies, each with its own combination of skills and behaviors.

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