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Target shows Kinect bundle for $299, still $399

by: John -
More On: Xbox 360
Well, what do we have here? It's a rotating ad on Target's gaming area with an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with a 250GB hard drive at a $100 price drop. Sure enough, I dropped by the Target website and snapped the picture below. Normally $399, the ad shows that it sells for $299. Unfortunately, clicking on the add shows that it's still $399.

Could a $100 price drop be one of the announcements that Microsoft planned on at E3? If so, well, there's one less thing to be surprised about. $299 is normally the price for just an Xbox 360 sporting a rather tiny 4GB card to save your stuff on. Now, a 250GB hard drive makes it a lot more worthwhile.

I still have a few friends who want to pick up Kinect and an Xbox 360 so this might push them into doing so. Really, you need a good size hard drive for the Xbox 360 and here's a very nice price point for what could spur on more sales in the US and make Microsoft keep its current position in the NPD as the #1 selling console.

Thanks Engadget!

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