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Modern Warfare 3 to hit shelves on November 8th

by: Chuck -
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It looks like a lot of people are going to be "getting sick" on November 8th this year as Activision has selected that date as the release date for Modern Warfare 3.   We've already seen the new trailer and both Sean Nack and John are stoked about seeing the game at E3 this year.

Personally I know I'll buy a copy and play through it but the magic is kind of gone for me as it seems like a lot of more of the same as we've seen for the last couple of years.  The preview that Ben Kuchera did over at Ars Technica has affirmed my feelings for what to expect this year.  More stuff blowing up, more incomprehensible plot points and twists, and new variations of the same things we've been seeing for years.  That doesn't meant that the game will be bad or won't sell like hotcakes but getting a yearly version of the series is wearing thing on me a bit.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.