Capcom details PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition with very bad DRM

by: John -
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The good news of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming to the PC has been tempered a bit by some news via Capcom's blog. Let's start with some of the good news though. The game's going to have all the features and DLC of the console so you'll get the replay channel, online fighting, features to help provide smooth frame rate, a benchmark, and a few other things that will make the version pretty damn cool on the PC.

The bad news? Capcom's making you use Games for Windows Live and requiring an always on connection for the game to work. Games for Windows Live, eh, I can deal with. The fact that your Internet connection must always be on for the game to work is pretty bad though. If you lose your connection, the game will continue until a break point. You will then be prompted to log back in and can continue after that. Annoying? Very.

I know the original game had a lot of hackers and pirates. Pirates, in reality, will not be stopped. They'll keep grabbing the game and playing offline and not pay for it. Hackers, I can understand Capcom trying to deter it but there's got to be a better way than making you always be online to do so. This DRM has been tried by a few other companies *cough*Ubisoft*cough* and have had terrible results.

It's too bad Capcom went about it this way though. Still, for those angling to get SSFIV: AE on the PC so they can play in glorious resolutions such as 1920x1200 and using custom arcade sticks, you'll have a few things to deal with.