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Sony's estimate on losses with the breaches and earthquakes

by: John -
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Sony's had a very, very tough time this year. With all the security breaches and the earthquake in Japan, it's taking a toll on the company. While they will have a full financial report on Thursday, they've released some documents to give people and investors heads up on what they are going to deal with.

Initially, Sony was thinking they would have a profit of $855 million, but recent events have changed Sony's outlook to about a $3.2b loss instead. They're estimating the PlayStation network hacks to have costed them $171 million so far. About 15% of the losses can be attributed to the earthquakes.

I'm curious to see how much the $171 million cost will rise as the year goes on. It's certainly not over yet, but that figure's sure to increase some form what Sony's saying now.
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