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More Torchlight II info, broken down into easily digestible and thumb friendly "link" form

by: Nathaniel -
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Celebrate dungeons and loot with the upcoming action RPG, Torchlight II.  Developed by Runic games, Torchlight II brings back the same great dungeon crawling action of the first Torchlight, but adds a longer campaign, overland areas with multiple hub towns, day/night cycles, weather effects, a redesigned user interface, and four new classes.

Two new teases have been released for fans and non-fans alike to peruse.  The first is Making the World of Torchlight II: by Lead Level Designer Patrick Blank.  The second is Level Design and Art Q&A with Patrick Blank and Art Director Jason Beck.

More info and earlier teases can be found here.

Torchlight II is set for release this July.

We’re revealing more of Torchlight II on our site in a two-part tease!
- Making the World of Torchlight II : By Lead Level Designer Patrick Blank: http://torchlight2game.com/news/2011/05/20/making-the-world-of-torchlight-ii/

- Level Design and Art Q&A with Patrick Blank and Art Director Jason Beck: http://torchlight2game.com/news/2011/05/20/level-design-q-a/

Find out how the Overworld works, events, pathing, randomization, and just how big is the world of Torchlight II, anyway?

Did you miss our last teases? Our reveals of Matt Uelmen’s music, mysterious Ezrohir, and big baddies can be found right here: http://torchlight2game.com/news/

We’re stoked! Thanks everyone for reading and supporting us! Hope to see you at E3 and PAX soon. J