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GameStop MW3 pre-order bonus is...a free poster?

by: Dan -
More On: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
When I saw the GameStop e-mail this morning touting a pre-order bonus for getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 I was taken back a bit.  My first thoughts were WTF…a poster? Is this 2005, because this most certainly would be a step back in the pre-order wars we have been seeing as of late out of the big retailers?

For those that aren't on GameStop's mailing list, they sent out a weekly offers mail and this one was touting a free limited-edition MW3 poster if you pre-order the game from them. GameStop’s offer page seems to suggest that other pre-order exclusives will be coming, but it does not state whether those looking to get this limited edition poster will also get an future pre-order goodies. Chances are you may, but it doesn’t say that, and with many in-game bonuses now unlocked via code on the receipt, you can understand the concern. Almost all my friends would rather have some sort of in-game armor, weapon or other item that gives them a tactical advantage as a pre-order bonus (or better yet, let them keep their crap and knock $5 off the price of the game) instead of something else to just sit around a room. A poster usually gets sh*t-canned or tucked away after a while anyway.

The two-sided poster might be cool for a kid (mind you the game is rated ‘M for Mature’ and cannot legally be sold to anyone under 17), but we really can’t tell. The one side shows the slick box-art concept that came out earlier this week, but GameStop is giving a blurred out “coming soon” photo for the in-game shot that will adorn the back. Keep your eyes on this one, as it could prove to be a shift in pre-order strategy from the various retailers. As unlikely as it seems, pre-orders at Wal-Mart may score you the MW3 lunch box, Best Buy may have offer the MW3 backpack and Target could have the matching curtains and comforter set. But a poster? C’mon.