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What do you want first, the good new or the bad new? *****UPDATE*****

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Xbox 360
*****This is an update of an earlier article*****

Earlier today, I reported that the new spring update, that begins its roll out tomorrow, was causing certain beta-testers' Xbox 360s to lose the ability to read retail discs, and that was prompting Microsoft to replace them with brand new ones.  I thought that seemed like a fair trade, but sadly, it looks like it's not true.

According to Giantbomb and Eurogamer, it wasn't the spring update that caused the issue, it was older, already released, update. Not only that, but, apparently, if your console hasn't already been affected, it won't be.  

And here I was hoping the spring update would brick my console just so I could get a new one.  *cues sad trombone*
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