The best news your inner 6 year old has heard all day

by: Nathaniel -
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According to (via destructiod), Microsoft is adapting Cartoon Network's silly "game" show, Hole in the Wall for Kinect.

For those who are fortunate enough to not know what Hole in the Wall, sometimes known as "human Tetris," it is a program that tasks adults and children with successfully passing through oddly shaped holes that appear in foam walls.  To score points, each team must contort themselves to fit through the usually not very human shaped hole, otherwise they're pushed into a swimming pool by the oncoming wall - and yes, it is exactly as insane as it sounds.

While it doesn't exactly make for compelling TV, a Kinect version that would allow you to play a reasonable facsimile of the game at home, sounds like a potential winner for Microsoft.  

Its not been officially announced yet, but more info is expect at E3.
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