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More Guardian Heroes information

by: Jeremy -
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I am guessing that I am not the only gamer excited about the return of Guardian Heroes this summer to the Xbox Live Arcade. The Sega Saturn classic is truly one of the best games from that system and its return to consoles is long overdeal. In the time since the game was first announced, plenty of more details have surfaced as well as the first glimpses of the game...

First off, fans of the game can rest assured that the port is going to be handled correctly as Treasure is doing the work their selves. Thankfully, the original developer is going to be responsible for bringing the title to a new era of gamers. The price point for the game has also been confirmed: 800 Microsot points. I will behonest, as a huge fan of the original game I would have easily paid double that I think that Sega is hitting the “sweet spot” with their pricing on this updated version.

Sega has also confirmed a couple of small details about the game’s various modes. There will be five selectable characters for the game’s story mode, each of which you can level up and build throughout the game play experience. The versus mode on the other hand will give you 45 different characters to choose from which you can use online to face off against up to 11 opponents (12 total players). The game is expected to launch before this Fall... possibly as soon as this Summer. Check out the first screenshots and art of the game below, courtesy of Andriasang