Rumors no more: Starhawk is revealed

by: Jeremy -
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Sony has finally lifted the veil on the long-rumored Warhawk sequel, Starhawk. I am so glad this isn’t a secret that I have to keep any more as I have had details on the game for close to a year now thanks to a source close to Sony. The game was revealed to the press and media in a special event held in London earlier this week.

The new game, scheduled for release in 2012, is the spiritual successor to 2007‘s Starhawk. While the previous game was strictly a multiplayer title, the new game will add in an extensive single player experience as well. Starhawk is a joint effort between LightBox Interactive and Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

The game will feature up to 32 player multiplayer action online as well as 4-player coop both online and off (via splitscreen). Perhaps the biggest addition to the game is the “build and battle" feature which shifts the title into Sony’s “Play, Create, Share" territory by allowing players to dynamically alter the game’s landscape to their liking. There is a still a bit of development left to go on the title but it is already looking incredible.

You can check out the first trailer and images for the game below, check it out: