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Witcher 2 builds pre-release hype

by: Sean Colleli -
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The Witcher 2 will be here in less than a week but that isn't stopping CD Projekt from teasing their fans with more media. A new dev diary highlights the game's deep combat system, and two new gameplay trailers show off Witcher 2's immersive living world while the other examines the various locations you'll visit throughout the game. To round out the media release there are five new character profiles for a few of the female characters you'll meet as Geralt. I know Chuck really enjoyed the first Witcher and CD Projekt has made some huge improvements to the design for the sequel, so maybe I'll get into the series this time around.

You can check out all the updates at Witcher 2's official site.
The Witcher 2 Developer Diary available today, Gameplay Videos, Female Character Profiles

With barely a week to go until the release of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, CD Projekt RED is pleased to provide a selection of new, informative materials to help make the final days of waiting a little more tolerable for impatient fans around the world.

Our latest video developer diary that will be available on Gamespot today addresses a highly significant part of any RPG, combat. The Witcher 2 features a new system that is both spectacular and brutal. Seamlessly blending tactical elements with dynamic action, it’s designed to have an accessible learning curve while still offering layers of depth to players who desire and demand them.

New interactive moves such as parry, dodge and riposte will provide plenty of choices beyond simple hacking and slashing, and will be particularly helpful against enemies with specific strengths and vulnerabilities. Of course, how you develop the main character, Geralt, will also matter. Focusing on swordsmanship, magic or alchemy, or adopting a more balanced approach will have a meaningful impact on how he fights and the resulting player experience.

Two new gameplay videos are also available for viewing. One showcases another distinctive element, The Witcher 2’s living world. Geralt’s journey takes him to numerous communities across the Northern Kingdoms, including villages, towns and cities. Each one is different. And alive.

The inhabitants wake in the morning, then tend to their individual activities. Some go to work, others to the market where the vendors have just opened their shops and stalls. When the day is over, people look to their leisure time, perhaps enjoying a drink or a game of dice at the local tavern before retiring. What’s more, they react to changes in the world; for example, they take shelter when it rains... and some are likely to grumble.

The second video delivers a broader look at the exceptionally rich, highly detailed world players will experience. The Witcher 2 will take them through dozens of varied locations, from open spaces such as cities, fields and forests to enclosed ones like taverns, caves and dungeons. Each has been carefully designed and painstakingly crafted so nothing feels out of place - not a single tree or plant, building or doorway. Furthermore, each region has its own distinctive architecture, each creature its own lair.

In addition, five new character profiles are now online. Each introduces a unique, comely female Geralt will meet - and perhaps more - as he seeks to unravel the dark mystery threatening the fragile stability of the Northern Kingdoms. He will also see that they are as talented as they are beautiful.

To check out these materials and much more, visit the official site at http://www.thewitcher.com/.