Diablo III beta starts sometime in Q3 2011

by: John -
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We won't be getting a new Blizzard game this year, but a bunch of us are going to be able to play one of their most anticipated releases of next year. During a conference call yesterday, Activision-Blizzard confirmed that a beta for Diablo III will be out this year sometime in Q3.

Q3 starts around July, but I wouldn't expect a public beta to start around there. Still, it's exciting to hear that we're getting closer to the release a title I'm really looking forward to next year. From all I've seen, it's coming together nicely even though it's deviated from how it looked in the past two games in terms of color.

Yet, it's going to be awesome to hop into a Battle.Net server with a few friends and go dungeon crawling again. Games like Torchlight show there's a great market out there for these types of games when done right and who better to do it right than Blizzard.