Now Loading for the week of May 8, 2011: One Day Late Edition

by: Jeremy -
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Yeah, yeah I know… this should have been up yesterday… sorry about that.

Things are finally kicking into gear after a slow week last time around. While the overall number of titles being released this week isn't huge, there are some heavy hitters on the shelves vying for your hard earned dollars. Check out some of the games you can expect to find landing in stores and online this week:

  • GO Series Tower of Deus for Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSi points)
  • MDK2 for Nintnedo WiiWare (1,000 Wii points)
  • Mighty Mighty Milky Way for Nintendo DSiWare (800 DSi points)
  • Whack-A-Friend for Nintendo DSiWare (200 DSi points)