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Sony's latest update for PSN and Qriocity

by: John -
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To quote GLaDOS, it's been a long time and it might be a little longer. Today, a spokesperson for Sony told Bloomberg that it is uncertain when it can get the PlayStation network back up. The deadline is still May 31 though, but it sounds like Sony's preparing folks in case they can't get it back online by then.

The network's been down since April 20 and we're heading into a month in terms of down time. There were plans to have some services back online this week, but it's looking likely that won't happen.

I've seen more and more of my friends online looking at picking up an Xbox 360, which is natural for such frustrations to come out when someone can't use the console as intended. I don't know if they'll do so when push comes to shove, but the longer this goes on, the more likely it will happen.

Let's hope everything's back up and running by the end of May or we're going to have a very interesting E3.
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