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Guardian Heroes headed to XBLA

by: Jeremy -
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One of my all time favorite games is making a comeback on the Xbox Live Arcade. The Sega Saturn classic Guardian Heroes is being planned for a fall 2011 release. This isn’t going to be a straight port though as the game is going to be “fully re-mastered”.

So, what does “full re-mastered” mean? It includes, but is not limited to: all new graphics and visual effects, online cooperative gameplay, online battle gameplay, time attack mode(s), Arrange mode(s), and true widescreen formatted visuals. FOr those who don’t know, Guardian Heroes is an action RPG that plays out like a classic beat’em up arcade titles; the game was developed by Treasure and was a huge hit on the Sega Saturn back in the mid-90‘s.

I cannot wait for this to launch...

Source: VG247