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Need for Speed: The Run... in trailer form

by: Jeremy -
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Just as Russell pointed out last weekEA is planning to release ANOTHER Need for Speed game later this year, entitled Need for Speed: The Run. The game marks the third release within a year for the series and will be developed by a third developer.

Last November Criterion had their shots with the Hot Pursuit reboot, Slightly Mad just released SHIFT 2, and now Black Box has a whole new title for the acclaimed racing series. I really love the recent releases in the NFS series, don’t get me wrong, but aren’t we getting seriously close to burnout (no pun intended) by releasing 3 games from the series within a year of each other?

Judging from the short glimpse of the game offered in the trailer below, it appears as though EA is going for the “disaster racing” experience with apparent avalanches, rock slides, and train collisions being thrown into the mix. I like where the series appears to be going, but an just worried that we are getting too much too soon. On the other hand, I really want to see how the game looks using the Frostbite 2 engine, which looks absolutely amazing in the Battlefield 3 trailers.

Check it out: