Get up to date with the Brink SMART series

by: Jeremy -
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I admit it, I am a little behind... yesterday I posted the first of Bethesda’s SMART video series for the upcoming Brink and today brought the release of the 4th video in the series. In order to get you caught up on all that you need to know about the game prior to next week’s launch, you can now find videos 2 through 4 below.

The second video, entitled “Objectives”, explains the importance of working together with your team in the game. The game’s objective wheel allows team to focus on important objectives and automatically communicate actions performed by characters. Video 3, “General Gameplay”, starts off by explaining the SMART system of movement in the game (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). The system allows players to traverse many different obstacles and environmental situations with the press of a single button. There are other topics covered as well, including player health, basic combat skills, deployable objects, and buffs. The latest video in the series, “The HUD”, teaches you how to read the various meters and information presented in the game’s heads up display.

Thanks to this series of videos, players across all platforms should be able to hit the ground running when the game launches next week on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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