Namco Bandai preparing to open a new page in history

by: Jeremy -
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Something is brewing over at Namco Bandai, and it appears to be brewing amongst the team involved in Project Soul. The team director, Daishi Odashima recently tweeted that he was looking forward to announcing "something" in May. It has been known since last December that Odashima was heading up the development team of a new Soul Calibur title, potentially Soul Calibur 5.

Not long after that comment was made on Twitter, Namco-Bandai's Japanese website was updated with a mysterious countdown that ends in a little less than 2 weeks. The url of the exact page notes the "beginning of a new chapter" while an ancient book's pages turn in the wind. The soul Calibur series has always referenced a history book in its storyline, citing various "pages in history". Perhaps this is the announcement that was being teased... I sure hope so...