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Metro 2033 searching for the Last Light

by: Jeremy -
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I am still a huge proponent for the fact that THQ’s Metro 2033 was one of the, if not the, most overlooked game of 2010. The game was incredible and I absolutely raved about it in my review of the game last April. Despite my undying love for the game, I was completely shocked to hear that THQ was going back to the well one more time with a second game for the title, expectedly Metro 2034 as titled by the second book. Judging by a recent domain registration, courtesy of THQ, that may not be the case. It looks as if Metro 2033: Last Light is the name of the new game.

According to Eurogamer, THQ has registered the following domains: Aside from the assurance that THQ was putting its full support behind a sequel for the game and the registration of these domains, nothing else is known about the pending sequel. I expect to see a lot more details as E3 comes draws closer and cross my fingers that the game will exand to the PlayStation 3 in addition of 360 and PC releases.