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Watch gravity get violated in the new trailer for Inversion

by: Nathaniel -
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Have you heard about Inversion by Namco Bandai and Saber Interactive?  If not, you can check out the new CGI trailer that's been released today.  It's got beefy men, big guns, and dudes running up the sides of buildings.

Inversion is a new 3rd person shooter that will allow players to manipulate gravity (that's what it looks like in the trailer, anyway) and is due for release sometime next year.


Step into the gravity-defying world of INVERSION, the upcoming axis shifting third-person shooter game from NAMCO BANDAI Games and Saber Interactive. This all-new CGI sneak peek is guaranteed to turn the world of third-person shooter games on its head where nothing is as it seems and surprises lurk around every corner. Witness some of the twists and turns of the game that will leave players riddled with curiosity about what lies within the world of INVERSION.