Is Borderlands 2 finally going to be revealed?

by: Nathaniel -
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I have fond memories of Gearbox's Borderlands.  The game, released in 2009, was a shinning star of humor, solid co-op FPS gunplay, and loot grinding - remember, it hilariously claimed it had a "bazillion" guns, thanks to its procedural gun creator that could randomize guns from predetermined parts on the fly for the player to use.

However, now we find ourselves in a 2011 that, despite existing smack dab in the Era of Sequels, has no announced sequel to one of 2009's best games.  

That may change in the coming weeks.

According to, Twitter user superannuation recently spotted a freelance artist and animator's CV that lists a new Borderlands game as a title he has worked on.  Soon after, however, this news-breaking tweet was quietly removed.  The rumor was then quashed by Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, but then, studio heads are never upfront about unannounced games so I don't read much into that. 

Could this mean that an E3 announcement for the long-rumored sequel is in the works? I sure hope so, as Borderlands 2, or Borderworlds as it might be called (Gearbox trademarked the name a while ago), is currently sitting near the top of my most wanted unannounced sequels list.