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How do you create missions in inFAMOUS 2?

by: Jeremy -
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The European PlayStation Blog has released a new video outlining the process of creating your own mission in inFAMOUS 2‘s user-generated content mode(s).

In the video, shown below, senior game designer Karl Deckard narrates the process and concept behind the new creation mode. Deckard mentions that Sony will be releasing “content packs” which will open up the options available to players over time, giving them new props, tools, and options as time goes on. The interface for the designer looks pretty simple and it doesn’t take them long to modify a base mission in the video.

The video also gives a glimpse of a user-created mission that someone in the beta program has already created which caught their eye. Someone has recreated Space Invaders using the inFAMOUS elements and it requires Cole to shoot down aliens using his lighting powers. This is the sort of stuff that I can see giving some real “legs” to the game when it launches this June.

Check it out: