RUMOR: Nintendo to announce Wii successor at E3

by: John -
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Let's face it. The Wii's getting a little long in the tooth. It has had a great run at hardware sales. Isn't it time for some new blood?

Well, Game Informer thinks so. They have multiple sources claiming that Nintendo will announce the next console at E3. If so, they will be the first one this time around to do it as Microsoft was the last company to issue a new console first.

Rumors are that Nintendo's moving into the HD arena, which is pretty easy to guess at. There's talk that they've already shown the hardware to multiple software developers to gain interest for a 2012 launch.

After being burned by the Wii for lack of titles I'm interested in, I will probably skip purchasing one until there's some really good games to play. Of course, that's just me and I know plenty of people who are happy with the system. But for me, the Wii is the least played system in the household out of the three and I can't afford to just buy consoles all willy nilly.
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