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More on E3 cancellation

by: Chuck -
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I guess I'm in as much shock at the next person about the article from Next Generation.  From this article on MCV on Friday I knew that they were looking at making some changes at the show this year since costs were going up so much (especially security..i.e. keeping people out of the show) but I didn't see a full on cancellation (and I still don't, I'm filing this in the BS folder until we get official world from the ESA).  I'm not the only one as Ars Technica has some doubts about the story as well.  I guess we'll find out this week what changes are going to be made to the show.

If they do cancel the show I know I'm going to be a little depressed.  While it was always stressful  to cover the event, E3 was the one time during the year when I got to meet a lot of the people in the industry and hang out with the otheer GamingNexus writers who don't live in Columbus.  Hell, I only get to see Matt Mirkovich for one hour each year and that's during our Sony appointment.  Hopefully they can do a few things to make it easier but hopefully not cancel it.
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