Now Loading for the week of 4/10/2011: The Glove Edition

by: Jeremy -
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I guess that it will be another semi-quiet week as we head towards next week's blockbuster release lineup. Nothing "huge" this week, expect for maybe the HD version of the Michael Jackson game from Ubisoft. I can imagine that the Kinect version in particular will be as big of a hit as Dance Central. It seems as if some more 3DS titles are starting to make their ways into stores as well, though Nintendo needs to hurry up and bring some of the bigger titles out instead of waiting for summer.

Some of the new games that you will find this week include:

  • Rabbids Travel in Time for Nintendo 3DS
  • Spongebob Squigglepants for Nintendo Wii (uDraw compatable)
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for Nintendo 3DS
  • Art of Ink for Nintendo DSiWare (800DSi points)
  • Escape Trick- The Secret of Rock City Prison for Nintendo DSiWare (500 DSi points)
  • FastDraw Showdown for Nintendo WiiWare (500 Wii points, demo version available)
  • Play with Birds for Nintendo WiiWare (500 Wii points)
  • Slingo Quest for Nintendo DSiWare (800 DSi points)
Anything in there for you this week?